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She was born in 1969 in Istanbul. After a successful education period, she worked as a professional teacher for 3 years and went into business. She continued her business life as a successful business woman for many years. Instead of living under the influence of the negativities she encountered in her busy work schedule and the negative energy created by these negativities, she started to search for alternative methods with the thought that there should be a point of departure with more positive thoughts to combat these negatives. While continuing her research, she learned about the ancient teachings and healing techniques; She saw that complementary and supportive aspects could be helpful in her health-related treatment. She first learned to get rid of negative emotions in her mind, to think positively, from the sessions she took. Thanks to the meditations she attended and the sessions she took, she quickly took steps towards good physical health and good mental health. While she was applying what she learned in the meditations and sessions she attended and the positive energy loaded on her in her life, on the other hand, she began to explain and apply it to the people around her, and she became more happy when she saw that it was useful. As the number of people to whom she contributed increased day by day, she preferred to contribute to more masses by completing her professional training by getting the right education from beyond love, from her source. In the field of trainings, all of the training diplomas and certificates have been accredited by the most competent accredited institutions. Pioneer in the field of personal development in Turkey, receiving training from the best in the corporate field, she completed the University Approved and Foreign Accreditation Certified Personal Development trainings and preferred to contribute to her clients and be a cure. She was deemed worthy of the Best Bioenergy Specialist and Trainer and Best Personal Development Specialist awards at the 4th International Quality Awards for her voluntary and devoted work. My interviews were broadcast on channels such as Business Channel Türk TV and University TV. She participated in voluntary seminars in municipalities and womens community organizations. Ayfer Gök Zirve Personal Development Center" is Patented and Registered from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.



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